12/29/17 Grif.Net – What We Learned in 2017

12/29/17 Grif.Net – What We Learned in 2017

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my daily posting of minion humor or the grif net blog, my buddy Scott =
down the street in Casper shares his daily “grins and =
groans”.  Saved some of the best of them from the past few =
months to share with you.]


Dry-erase whiteboards in school =
classrooms are pretty remarkable.


Espresso may not be the answer =
for everything, but it’s worth a shot.


Scientists have succeeded in =
growing human vocal cords in a Petri dish. The results speak for =


My =
recliner and I go waaaay back.


One way =
for police departments to cut costs is to let prisoners take their own =
mug shots and call them cellfies.


They =
say there’s safety in Numbers, but personally I prefer =


If you =
can’t think of a word, say, "I can’t remember it in English." =
That way, people will think you’re bilingual, instead of an =


An =
opinion without 3.14159 is just an onion.


No =
matter how much you push the envelope, it’ll still be =



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