12/26/17 Grif.Net – Now that Christmas Is Over

12/26/17 Grif.Net – Now that Christmas Is Over

[Here are some =
important answers to questions you’ve had over Christmas , at =
least according to 20 years of lame =


Q: Why are =
Dasher and Dancer allowed to take coffee breaks?

A: Because =
they are Santa’s star bucks.


Q: How does =
good King Wenceslas like his pizza?

A: One =
that’s deep pan, crisp and even.


Q: What do you =
call a group of Chess Masters bragging about their games in a hotel =

A: Chess nuts =
boasting in an open foyer.


Q: What do you =
call a penguin at the North Pole?
A: Lost.


Q: Why are =
horse-drawn sleighs so unpopular now?

A: Because =
horses are not good artists.


Q: Why did =
Comet quit Santa’s team pulling the =

A: He got a =
better job cleaning sinks for Proctor and =


Q: How did =
Darth Vader know what was in each package under the =

A: He felt the =


Q: Which of =
Santa’s reindeer was grounded for offensive behavior?
A: That =
would be Olph. Still today we sing about the reindeer and mention rude =


Q: What was =
the report of the doctor who came to Bethlehem to check on the Mary and =

A: Mother and =
baby and doing well. Both are in stable =


Q: Why did =
Santa grow a long beard?

A: He was =
cutting himself when shaving so often he was given the name “St =



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