12/15/17 Grif.Net – Learning About Santa

12/15/17 Grif.Net – Learning About Santa

Many people may have missed learning in school =
about the famous American author James Fennimore Cooper and his book =
about the life of Santa Claus. I’m reading it again and finding =
out . . .


>Its title is ‘The Deer =


>Its cover is a rare photograph of Santa taken =
with a North Polaroid camera


>In =
the pages of the book, you’ll find out that Santa’s primary language is =
North Polish.


>You’ll learn that Santa and Mrs. Claus live in =
an icicle built for two and that he loves tending his three gardens and =
exulting, "Hoe, hoe, hoe!"


>You’ll also discover that St. Nicholas is the =
main Claus. His wife is a relative Claus. His children are dependent =
Clauses. Santa’s elves are subordinate Clauses


>Amazed to find out on Christmas Eve, Santa eats =
a jolly roll, leaps into his sleigh, and urges his toys to hop in the =
sack. Santa’s sleigh always comes out first because it starts in the =
Pole position. It also gets terrific mileage because it has =
long-distance runners on each side.


>Kris Kringle especially loves all his reindeer =
because every buck is deer to him.


>When traveling in the sleigh in inclement =
weather, Santa gets icicles in his beard and calls them chin chillas. =


>He sometimes removes all the jingle bells from =
his sleigh and travels silently through the night, hoping one day to win =
a No Bell prize.


>When flying to Cape Canaveral, radar tracking =
gives his sleigh a palindrome label – “A SANTA AT =


>Santa loves sliding down chimneys because it =
soots him. But he actually has a fear of getting stuck. That fear is =
called Santa Claustrophobia.


>Since Santa has to go up and down a wide =
variety of chimneys on Christmas, he recommends getting a yearly flue =


More information to come as I continue reading the =
book. Now, where are my glasses  . . .



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