11/09/17 Grif.Net – MORE Family Question & Answer

11/09/17 Grif.Net – MORE Family Question & Answer

[These questions LOOK easy, like a child could get =
them right. Some are; some may cause you to think a =


Q1: What has a foot on each side AND another foot in =
the middle?


Q2: I have three apples.  If you take away two =
from me, how many do you have?


Q3: What =
kind of rocks are found on the bottom of Lake Superior?


Q4: Before =
Mount Everest was discovered, what had previously been the highest =
mountain on earth?


Q5: How many =
times can you subtract 5 from 25?


Q6: Which =
letter of the alphabet flies, sings and stings?


Q7: How many =
sides does a circle have?


Q8: What was =
the American President’s name in 1960?


Q9: If MY =
peacock lays an egg in YOUR yard, who owns the egg?


Q10: If =
two’s company and three’s a crowd, what are four and =






(answers =
– don’t peek)


A1: A =

A2: Two

A3: Wet ones

A4: =
Mount Everest

A5: =

A6: =

A7: 2.  Inside =
and outside

A8: Donald =

A9: No one.  Peacocks =
can’t lay eggs; only peahens lay eggs

A10: Nine



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