11/04/17 Weekend Grif.Net – Dad Died

11/04/17 Weekend Grif.Net – Dad Died

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I read a story about a gal whose dad passed away. =
She went to the newspaper and asked to print an obituary.  She said =
all it needed to say was "Bud died."


The =
editor was taken aback. Was she SURE that all she wanted to say were =
those few words?  Wasn’t there something else that could be printed =
in the paper for all to see?


After =
thinking about it, she asked to revise it. Say, "Bud died.  =
Boat for sale."


Now, I =
smiled at that.  But two events have caused me to ask a little more =
serious question in today’s Grif.Net blog.  The first was reading =
the wonderful book by Ken Canfield on "The Heart of a Father" =
which really made me do a quick inventory toward my kids and my =
grandchildren. The second, of course, was the eighteenth anniversary of =
the passing of my Dad this week. Heavy thoughts.


So to =
my three children whom I raised or reared or at least didn’t kill, =
and their 13 kids that comprise my brood of grand kids, I challenge them =
(and any others who made it reading thus far) to answer these questions =
NOW so that when the day comes to look back reflectively, there will be =
a sparkle in your eye along with the tears.


1. Who =
is my Dad’s all-time hero?


2. =
What is my Dad’s most prized possession?


3. Who =
is my Dad’s closest friend?


4. =
What was my Dad’s greatest achievement last year?

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;            =
          last =

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;            =
          in his =


5. What is my Dad’s favorite meal?


6. =
What did my Dad dream of being as he was growing up?


7. If =
my Dad had $50.00 to spend on anything, what would it =


8. What does my Dad like to do most with =


9. What is the most important thing I need to talk =
to Dad about next week?


10. =
What disappointments would my Dad have looking back on his =


11. What place does my Dad have in my spiritual =


12. What 5 different adjectives would I use in =
Dad’s obituary?


Proverbs 17:6 "Children’s children are the =
crown of old men, and the glory of children is their =



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