10/21/17 Weekend Grif.Net – Spoiled Rotten

10/21/17 Weekend Grif.Net – Spoiled Rotten

Teresa is spoiling me rotten. With my leg in a cast =
and limited mobility and elevated pain, she tells me to stay in my chair =
and asks me “What can I make you for lunch?”  =
We’ve been married almost 48 years and she has always been there =
for me.


A Facebook =
friend posted about wanting ideas for making her hubby ‘more than =
just sandwiches’ for lunch every day at work.  She was mocked =
and berated for the simple act of making lunch for her husband.  =
You know we’ve reached the end of the dregs of “modern =
feminism” when it’s now a sin to make your husband a =


This was =
picked up by Fox News.  They reported she was told she was nothing =
but a “slave” and a “1950s housewife.” She was =
“weird” for demeaning herself to make lunch for her husband. =


Then it got really angry and hateful. Here are some of =
the other responses:

“Your =
husband is a grown up and you’re not his =

“My husband can =
make his own *** lunch.”

“I make my husband the same thing he makes me. =

“Stuff that, =
hubby is a grown man. I already do his laundry and keep his children =

“Our advice is to =
stop making his lunches.”

“My role is childcare during working hours and =
that’s it.”

“He’s lucky if I decide to make dinner =
some nights”.

“I was =
married for 20 years and my favorite packed lunch for my husband was =
called a ‘Get it Yourself’ with a side order of =
‘I’m not your mother’.”

“I didn’t sign up for that at the =


When I read Teresa these sorts of responses, my wife =
was amazed and saddened.  Working together in a loving partnership =
is what a happy marriage is all about.  I am so pleased to have a =
wife who is my companion, who vowed before God “in sickness and in =
health to love and to cherish” and the moral fabric to not =
cut-and-run when things got tough.


BTW, did I =
mention she made me home-made egg salad sandwiches for lunch?  That =
took way more work than a couple slice of bologna and cheese or a =
pbj.  But she really loves me. And I really love her. =



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