09/19/17 Grif.Net – A Dozen Questions for the Family

09/19/17 Grif.Net – A Dozen Questions for the Family

[At least one of these will bring a groan from every =
age group. Guaranteed.]


Q: Why do =
mummies make the best spies?
A: They keep everything under =

Q: Why should you not view an eclipse through a =
A: You might strain your eyes


Q: Why is it =
so hard to make money by opening a flea circus?

A: You have to start from scratch


Q: How to =
you get rid of varnish?
A: Remove the =


Q: How can =
you tell if a real cowboy is eating supper at your house?
A: If =
he’s eating out on the range


Q: What =
skeleton will walk about the cemetery in a kilt?
A: Boney Prince =


Q: What is the difference between a government bond =
and a Justin Bieber fan?
A: Bonds mature


Q: What does =
a frog order at McDonald’s?
A: French flies and a diet =


Q: Why are some fish laying at the bottom of =
A: They dropped out of school


Q: What do =
you call a cow with no legs?
A: Ground beef


Q: Why does =
a room full of married people still look empty?
A: There’s not =
a single person in it


Q: What do =
you get if you cross the Atlantic with the Titanic?
A: =



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