08/18/17 Grif.Net – Thigns

08/18/17 Grif.Net – Thigns

When our boys =
were teens their bedrooms were in the basement where they also had their =
own bathroom.  They constantly made a mess there and just expected =
that our maid [read: their mother] would clean and straighten up after =


My wife grew =
tired of this, so posted “motivational” messages on every =
available surface.  On the bathroom mirror directly above the =
faucets she put a yellow post-it with the single word in bold red =
printed on it: "Think!"


The next day, =
when she went to check on their bathroom, she saw her sign, and right =
below it, next to the sink one of the kids had carefully lettered =
another post-it note sign which read, =



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