08/17/17 Grif.Net – Age of Dinosaurs

08/17/17 Grif.Net – Age of Dinosaurs

Some of the family were touring =
in the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History, enjoying every =
area.  Their son marveled at the dinosaur bones, so one of them =
asked a nearby guard, "Can you tell my boy how old the dinosaur =
bones are?"


The guard replied, "They =
are 3.2 million, four years, five months and 22 days =


"Wow! That’s an awfully =
exact number," said the visitor. "At that age, how can you =
know their age so precisely?"


The guard answered, "Well, =
when I came here to work I asked the same question. The curator of the =
exhibit said these dinosaur bones were 3.2 million years old. Since I =
started working here almost four and a half years ago, I just did the =



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