08/14/17 Grif.Net – Embarrassed

08/14/17 Grif.Net – Embarrassed

An executive =
was attempting to do some menial office work himself. His assistant =
found him standing in front of the office shredder holding a piece of =
paper with a puzzled look on his face.


"Is there =
any way I may help you?" the assistant =


"I’m =
having trouble, I’ll have to admit," replied the =


"Here let =
me show you." said the assistant, and he took the piece of paper, =
placed it in the feed chute and pressed the red ‘ON’ button. The =
shredder hummed and sucked in the piece of =


"Wow! I’m =
embarrassed. That’s pretty easy," the executive exclaimed. =
"Oh, and I just need one copy."



Dr Bob Griffin

"Jesus Knows Me, This I =