08/10/17 Grif.Net – Eye Chart

08/10/17 Grif.Net – Eye Chart

My Grandmother (Milena Prochaska) and family had =
emigrated from Bohemia, now a part of the Czech Republic, to =
Prague/Fremont area of Eastern Nebraska.=C2=A0 At the turn of the =
Century, at only 17, she was accepted into the Normal School in Chadron =
to become a teacher.

She had to pass a physical that included an =
eye examine.=C2=A0 Covering her eye, she was shown a poster on the wall =
with the letters "C Z Y W X N S T A C Z".


"Can =
you read this?" the optician asked.

"Read it?" =
Grandma replied.=C2=A0 "I sat next to the guy in third =


(Okay, I made up the anecdote, but loved true stories =
of family from Grandma =E2=80=98Millie=E2=80=99. Learned about her =
family – Adolph, Bohuslov, Olga, Ludwig and Emil and even got to go =
fishing with some of my great uncles as one lived to be 101; about her =
mom – my great grandmother – Anna Pospisil and great-great grandmothers =
who were also both named Anna =E2=80=93 Anna Hrozney and Anna =
Visata.=C2=A0 Think they all could be on an eye test chart. 😊 =



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