08/08/17 Grif.Net – Country Songs

08/08/17 Grif.Net – Country Songs

[A friend suggested I enjoy =
some Country Music.  After reading the titles, I think I will stick =
with the far deeper lyrics of Polka.]


** How Can I Miss You If You =
Won’t Go Away?


** I Don’t Know Whether to Kill =
Myself or Go Bowling


** Sold a Car to a Guy Who =
Stole My Girl, but It Don’t Run, So We Even


** I Keep Forgettin’ I Forgot =
about You


** Her Teeth Was Stained, But =
Her Heart Was Pure


** I Liked You Better Before I =
Knew You So Well


** I Still Miss You, Baby, But =
My Aim’s Gettin’ Better


** I Wouldn’t Take Her to a Dog =
Fight, Cause I’m Afraid She’d Win


** I’m So Miserable Without =
You, It’s Like Having You Here


** I’ve Got tears in My Ears =
From Lyin’ on My Back and Cryin’ Over You


** My Wife Ran Off with My Best =
Friend and I Miss Him Already


** You Done Stomped on My Heart =
and Mashed That Sucker Flat


** You’re the Reason Our Kids =
Are Ugly


** If The Phone Don’t Ring, =
You’ll Know It’s Me



Dr Bob =
Griffin =

"Jesus Knows Me, This I =