08/05/17 Weekend Grif.Net – Under the Ice

08/05/17 Weekend Grif.Net – Under the Ice

Nearly 25 years =
ago I was walking on the Great Wall, touring the Forbidden City and =
venturing deep underground to see the Ming Tombs.  My thoughts were =
captured by the many poets and philosophers of China and the deep adages =
and sayings of that culture. My favorite Du Mu poem was "Pien River =
Blocked by Ice".  Here is a rough translation of its four =

“For a thousand miles along the river, when the ice =
begins to close,
Harness jades and girdle jaspers tinkle at the =
jagged edge.

The drift of =
life is no different from the water under the ice
Hurrying eastward =
day and night while no one notices.”

Sometimes the surface =
of our daily life looks the same, the routine seldom altered and seems =
it will go on forever the same.  But day by day, often unnoticed in =
the daily routine, the years keep moving on from birth toward =
eternity.  So many of my friends will not stop the hypnotic reverie =
of life to prepare for the certainty of death and the day of reckoning =
to come.  Until it is too late. I would hate for any =
reader to face God in that final day unwarned or unprepared.  =


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