08/03/17 Grif.Net – New Mottos for Our Humor

08/03/17 Grif.Net – New Mottos for Our Humor

In 1996 we began sharing odds and ends (mostly odds) =
of humor and stories, quizzes and jokes.  Fundamental Baptists =
often get unfairly labeled as being too stern, judgmental, and =
can’t laugh at a joke.  It IS true many were weaned on dill =
pickle juice, and that 99% of fundamentalists give us other 1% a bad =
name . . . so we’ve used the motto “The Grif.Net: Putting =
the FUN back in Fundamentalism” since then. 

Clever, =
eh?  But we were thinking about maybe a little tweak to update the =
saying or image that comes to mind when people stumble into our blog =
like a drunk stumbling into a 200F boiling mud pot on a dark Yellowstone =
night.  So we’ve come up with a couple ideas for a motto but =
need YOUR help for MORE choices that do not have a funny smell to =

“The Grif.Net:  FUN for the =


“The =
Grif.Net: Twisted, not Sick.  Sick makes it sound like there may be =
a cure”


“The Grif.Net: Wise =
sayings often fall on barren ground, but our humor is good =


“The Grif.Net: We put the =
PRO in PROcrastinate”

Obviously we NEED help for better =
ideas if we are going to change.  Any =



Dr Bob Griffin = =

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