06/17/17 Weekend Grif.Net – Ideas

06/17/17 Weekend Grif.Net – Ideas

[Father’s Day is bitter-sweet. My dad passed in =
the fall of 1999. I have no memory of “doing” anything =
special any Father’s Day with my father as a teen or young adult. =
Oh, I made him a card or such when I was a kid, but when I grew older, I =
was just never around.  Always felt bad that in our society (and =
especially with me as a pastor) we just didn’t live close.  =
My own children call/send cards/gifts and I know they honor and love =
me.  But oh, some  days I wish they didn’t live 1100+ =
miles away. So passing on some ideas to those who still LIVE CLOSE and =
CAN spend time with dad on Father’s Day weekend.  Or ANY =
weekend you want to honor dad.  Credit Reader’s Digest for =
some of these ideas.]


When else do =
you get to sit side by side and catch up on life while you enjoy the =
outdoors (who cares whether you catch any fish or =


2. TRAVEL. Make it a =
day trip or a weekend getaway! From the coast of Maine to Florida’s Key =
West, from the Rio Grande to the Rockies, June is a great month to get =
away on a scenic road trip.  Just you and dad.


3. PAINT BALL. Let =
Dad explore his inner warrior. Nothing says "I love you" like =
a little friendly battle of the generations.  Or visit a real RANGE =
and hit the targets with lead!


Thrilling rides, funnel cake, tacky souvenirs—yes, it’s =
Father’s Day at a theme park.


5. GOLF. =
They =
say golf is a good walk spoiled, but not when you spend 18 holes worth =
of quality time with dad. You can even hire an instructor for a lesson =
on the range for you and your dad—a great excuse to hang out =
together, pick up tips from a pro, and improve your =


6. SPORTS. Tickets =
to his favorite sporting event are pretty much always a winning idea. =
Many stadiums offer Father’s Day deals (if you’re cheap like =


7. CAMPING. This =
year, start a camping tradition. Pitch a tent, start a campfire, swap =
memories about growing up—it’s bonding at its =


8. CAR SHOW. Is your =
dad an absolute car nut? Contact your local car clubs to find a nearby =
show of amazing vintage hot-rods or the latest electric car. Bond over =
stories of what it was like for him to drive his first car—or =
recall laughs over what he went through to teach you how to drive. Or =
for your dad maybe sub in BOAT show, TRACTOR pull, HOME & GARDEN =
event, GUN show, COMIC-CON . . . you get the =


 It’s not just in yogurt.  There are MUSICAL concerts, =
ART galleries, SCULTURE gardens, MUSEUMS, HISTORICAL venues ready to =
explore and share.


10. COOKING. You can =
treat dad to dinner anytime, but take time to cook for (or better, WITH =


11. GO-KART. Forget =
another tie as a gift. Take Dad for a thrill ride. Give him a speedway, =
a Go-Kart, and a helmet, and watch Dad go crazy with =


12. VOLUNTEER. He’s =
given you so much, now it’s time for you both to give back. Turn =
spending time with Dad into a meaningful opportunity to help those in =
your community.  


And best of =

13. WORSHIP. Father’s Day is always a Sunday, you =
know.  When was the last time you sat next to your dad, heard his =
deep voice echo out the ancient hymns?  Heart touching heart often =
happens in a pew.



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