06/03/17 Weekend Grif.Net – With glowing heart

06/03/17 Weekend Grif.Net – With glowing heart

Francis Scott Key (1779-1843 =
is famously known for his poem that is now our national anthem.  =
Few realize this Maryland lawyer was a deeply spiritual born-again =
Christian, who taught Sunday School in a denomination that today has =
left its biblical moorings, and later Secretary of the American Sunday =
School Union. He worked tirelessly in proclamation of the Gospel and =
this poem was the testimony of the love he had toward his Savior and his =
God. Romans 5:8 is said to be his favorite verse: "But God =
demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still =
sinners, Christ died for us."


Lord, with glowing heart =
I’d praise Thee
For the bliss Thy love bestows,
For the =
pardoning grace that saves me,
And the peace that from it =
Help, O God, my weak endeavor;
This dull soul to rapture =
Thou must light the flame, or never
Can my love be warmed =
to praise.


Praise, my soul, the God that =
sought thee,
Wretched wand’rer, far astray;
Found thee =
lost, and kindly brought thee
From the paths of death away:
Praise =
with love’s devoutest feeling,
Him who saw thy guilt-born =
And, the light of hope revealing,
Bade the blood-stained =
cross appear.


Praise thy Savior God that =
drew thee
To that cross, new life to give,
Held a blood-sealed =
pardon to thee,
Bade thee look to Him and live:
Praise the grace =
whose threats alarmed thee,
Roused thee from thy fatal =
Praise the grace whose promise warmed thee,
Praise the grace =
that whispered peace.


Lord, this bosom’s =
ardent feeling
Vainly would my lips express:
Low before Thy =
footstool kneeling,
Deign thy suppliant’s pray’r to =
Let Thy love, my soul’s chief treasure,
Love’s =
pure flame within me raise;
And, since words can never =
Let my life show forth Thy praise.




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