05/16/17 – Grif.Net – More Q&A

05/16/17 – Grif.Net – More Q&A

[My good friend Ken is asking questions again. What =
can you say? Minnesotans: can’t live with them and can’t =
live with them.]


Q. What do =
you use to get corn cobs smooth?

A. =
Kernel sanders


Q. What =
branch of the military are babies allowed to join?

A. The infantry


Q. Why =
should you drink a quart of water before going to bed?

A. So you have a reason to get up each =


Q. Where did they send legislation for legalizing =

A. To the House and Senate =
Joint Committee


Q. When =
should a window go to the doctor?

A. =
If it has panes


Q. Do you =
have a date this year for Valentine’s Day?
A. Yes. February =


Q. Why =
should you use big words even though you don’t understand =

A. So you can appear more =


Q. What do =
you call a ten rabbits in a row walking away from you?

A. A receding hare line


And this =
week he added . . .


Q. Why is =
Peter Pan always flying?

A. Because =
he Neverlands.


(I actually =
like that joke because it never gets old)



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