05/15/17 Grif.Net – Helpful Hint

05/15/17 Grif.Net – Helpful Hint

[Dr Tim saved a Grif.Net blog from five years =
ago this May and shared it with a smile.  So why can’t I =
“reuse” a “vintage” =

I always help the kids in church give me the =
"right" answers to questions I ask during a sermon. So last =
week I asked the little ones "What special weapon did Samson arm =
himself with to fight against the =

None of the children could answer =

"Oh, yes, you know!" I said winking, =
and to help them I tapped my jaw with one finger. "What is =
this?" I asked.

This jogged their memories, and the group cried =
in unison, "The jawbone of an ass."

They ARE really smart.

Hey, wait a minute . . .


Dr Bob Griffin = =

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