05/12/17 Grif.Net – More Odd Thoughts . . .

05/12/17 Grif.Net – More Odd Thoughts . . .

When I see =
lovers’ initials carved in a tree, I don’t think it’s =

I just =
think it’s crazy how many people bring knives on a =


When people =
go underwater in scary movies, I like to hold my breath and see it I =
would have survived that situation.

I almost =
died in “Finding Nemo”.


I =
think eBay is useless.

I tried to =
look up lighters and all they had were 13,749 =


My =
girlfriend broke up with me because I pawned her =

I’m =
sure eventually she’ll come crawling back to =


I’m =
not sure if my ceiling fan is THE best ceiling fan or not. =

I do know =
it’s right up there.


I =
had a really tough time on my Anatomy final.

Then I =
realized all the answers were inside me.


I =
told my girlfriend to meet me at the gym, then stood her =

I just =
wanted her to know that we weren’t working =


Just =
returned from the zoo where I saw a slice of toast in one of the =

Obviously, =
it was bread in captivity.


Also =
visited a museum devoted to shovels.

Guess it =
really was a ground-breaking invention.



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