05/10/17 Grif.Net – I Just . . .

05/10/17 Grif.Net – I Just . . .

I just returned from Dr. Visine’s funeral.  =
I’d like to report there was not a dry eye in the house. =


I just got word that if I did not stop drinking I =
would go blind.  I’m thinking that by age 70 I’ve =
pretty much seen everything worth seeing.


I just had a =
dream of climbing a mountain and seeing the promised land.  Now =
I’m afraid to stay in a hotel in Memphis.


I just found =
you can tell the gender of an ant by dropping it in water.  If =
it’s a girl ant, it sinks.  But if it floats, it’s boy =


I just got diagnosed by my psychiatrist with an =
‘Oedipus Complex’.  When I told my mother, she said =
what they label me doesn’t matter as long as I love her very =


I just saw an accident with a Ford Focus.  Now it =
looks all blurry.


I just =
noticed some gray hairs.  I’m so mortified I think I’m =
going home to dye.


I just saw =
the Apple Store get robbed.  The police have detained me as an =



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