04/14/17 Grif.Net – IRS Week (part 5)

04/14/17 Grif.Net – IRS Week (part 5)

[Pithy, =
non-taxable statements about paying our income taxes]

People who =
save their money for a rainy day end up getting soaked by the =


Taxation is a =
bizarre system in which you spend money, save receipts, and somehow =
supposed to come out ahead.


It’s easy to =
find out who is going to become a tax collector. In the nursery, give =
all the kids lemons. The one who squeezes it dry is going to work for =
the IRS.


It’s a =
privilege to be able to pay taxes. And if taxes keep rising, I may have =
to give up the privilege!


Where there’s =
a will, there’s an Inheritance Tax.


Don’t put off =
until tomorrow what you can do today. There may be a tax on it by =



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