03/29/17 Grif.Net – May be a Little Slow

03/29/17 Grif.Net – May be a Little Slow

Here are top ten =
“kind ways” to refer to that colleague at work who is just a =
little slow on the uptake:

1. He is a few peas short of a tuna =


2. She is one Froot =
Loop shy of a full bowl


3. He is a taco short =
of a combo plate


4. He doesn’t have =
all his dogs on one leash


5. Her elevator =
doesn’t go all the way to the top floor


6. Her sewing =
machine’s out of thread


7. His antenna =
doesn’t pick up all the channels


8. She is a few =
clowns short of a circus


9. His belt doesn’t =
go through all the loops


10. She’s a few =
days past the sell-by date


Bonus: He has too =
much yardage between the goal posts



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