02/16/17 Grif.Net – Boxing

02/16/17 Grif.Net – Boxing

[I loved old Red Blanchard, a former farm boy from =
Pittsville, Wisconsin. I am a graduate of the University of =
Wisconsin-Steven Point, just a few miles from his farm, and pastored =
down the road an hour in Wild Rose, Wisconsin, for 7 years, so lots of =
his stories ring true to the rural life and mindset of that =
region.  Here’s his interview on boxing.]


In high =
school I used to be a boxer but it didn’t leave any serious =
defects on my brain.  Yep. No defects.  And from all the =
fights I had no defects.  None I remember.

Of course I =
really only had one fight and don’t remember too much about =
it.  Matter of fact, I slept through most of it.


When the =
fight started we didn’t have to shake hands. Mine were already =


The referee =
said, “Don’t be nervous, kid.  If he were any good, he =
wouldn’t be fighting you.”


The bell =
rang and I rushed out to the center of the ring and threw a right and a =
left and another right.  Then he came out of his =


I was glad I was fighting in a crouch. I figured that =
way I didn’t have so far to fall.


It =
wasn’t long and I really had him worried.  He looked nervous; =
he thought he might have killed me.


I could take =
it all right, but I didn’t know what to do with it.  =


He finally won on a decision.  I decided I had =
enough and laid down.


The hardest =
thing I had to learn was how to pick up my teeth with boxing gloves =


And I’ll never forget the last words before my =
biggest fight.  The man said, “I now pronounce you man and =



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