02/09/17 Grif.Net – Old Saying Redux

02/09/17 Grif.Net – Old Saying Redux

At the airport in =
Madrid, the national airline keeps its aircraft outside all year round =
even in thunderstorms. I guess you could say, "The plane in Spain =
stays mainly in the rain.”


A Scottish inventor =
has come up with a new compact video game. He calls it a wee =


Three Russian hockey =
players will soon be joining NHL teams: Vassilyev to Montreal, Anasenko =
to Chicago, and Shuffleov to Buffalo.


West Virginia is one =
of the USA’s leading states in tobacco use, obesity, and diabetes. Their =
population is also the second most elderly of any state in the =
Union.  Small wonder that the state Motto is "Almost =


It is not widely =
known that King Richard III of England also ran a camping equipment =
store. The window display sign one day read: “Now is the winter of =
our discount tent”.



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