01/27/17 Grif.Net – Quiz

01/27/17 Grif.Net – Quiz

Someone asked me if any nation today had a capital =
named after an automobile.=A0 Immediately I thought of Senegal.=A0 Okay. =
That was lousy.=A0 But here are SERIOUS but “light” =
questions you may either answer for your own enjoyment or use to =
impress/astound friends and family with lesser known facts. No catch/no =
humor – just a little Friday quiz to keep the mind going at the =
end of a long week.


1. What is =
the use of the Dewey Decimal system?

2. How many squares are there on a chess =

3. Name all four of the Marx =


4. If you were eating Cr=E8me du Barry, what would you be =


5. Who invented Kodak cameras?


6. What does the Latin phrase ‘caveat =
emptor’ mean?


7. What are the four types of teeth? (false, baby, permanent =
or buck are NOT the answers)


8. Which former American president had =
a popular children’s toy named after him?


9. What was Che Guevara’s =


10. How many points does a compass =


11. What do you call the smell which wine gives =


12. Who lived at 221b Baker Street?


13. What king was killed at the Battle =
of Camelford?


14. Which hormone controls the supply of sugar between muscles =
and blood?


15. In what era was Steinbeck’s “Grapes of =
Wrath” set?


Bonus (really hard): Which historical event is remembered in =
the nursery rhyme “Ring Around the =


[Answers posted Monday, if I remember]



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