12/19/16 Grif.Net – What my Friends are Saying

12/19/16 Grif.Net – What my Friends are Saying

[What my friends are saying about their lives. Not. =


“Sometimes getting out of bed ruins the whole =


“You know you have family issues at Christmas =
when they all unfriend you on Facebook.”


“Give =
up carbs?  Over my bread body.”


“If =
your name isn’t Google, don’t act like you know =


“Today =
is a day when even my coffee needs coffee.”


“I’ve learned about marriage from =
chess.  The king takes one small step at a time. The queen is =
all-powerful and does whatever she wants to do.”


“Let =
me know when you’re available so I can be sure to be busy =


“I wish I was as fat as the first time I thought =
I was fat.”


“Ever =
notice that half of 8 could be 4, 3 or o?”


“No =
one wants to hear about your diet. Just eat your salad and be =


“I’m not lazy; I’m just in the =
energy-saving mode.”


“If =
time is money, then I’m running out of =


And MY response to them?

“Remember, it’s a status update, not your =



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