12/05/16 Grif.Net – Good News or Bad News?

12/05/16 Grif.Net – Good News or Bad News?

Good News: We baptized seven people =
today in the river.

Bad News: We lost two of them in the swift =


Good News: The high school girls’ basketball team =
finally won a game.

Bad News: They beat the high school boys’ basketball =


Good News: =
I got a job in a transmission shop.
Bad News: It’s only shift =

Good News: The neighbor kids came =
to our house for a surprise visit.

Bad News: It’s in the middle of the =
night and they are armed with toilet paper and shaving cream to =


Good News: You received a call that your condition is =
terminal and you will die in 24 hours

Bad News: The doctor left the voice =
mail on your phone yesterday.


Good News: You are now the owner of =
a foreign car dealership.

Bad News: You’ll be selling =
Cadillacs in Tokyo.


Good News: My doctor told me there are beautiful golf =
courses in heaven.

Bad News: He mentioned my tee time looks like next Tuesday =


Good News: My wife said for Christmas she was getting me =
‘caller id’.
Bad News: She used a marker to write my =
name on the neck of each shirt.



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