11/23/16 Grif.Net – Status Updates

11/23/16 Grif.Net – Status Updates

Status updates from my =


“I stole a futon =
from a shop. I think the police are after me, so I have been lying =


“People who do not =
use a lot of punctuation deserve a long =

This Uber driver is the worst. I can’t roll =
down the windows, the doors won’t open, he keeps asking questions, and =
now his siren is blaring.”

“Just saw some idiot =
at the gym put a water bottle where the Pringles go on the =


“I’m sorry I =
hurt your feelings when I called you stupid.  I really thought you =


“For the last =
hundred years cars have come with blinkers for a =


“I always position myself =
toward the middle of any group photos. It makes it harder for them to =
crop me out later.”


“My wife just opened =
the car door for me.  It might have been a good gesture had we not =
been going 70 mph”



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