11/15/16 Grif.Net – Speaking of Rabbits

11/15/16 Grif.Net – Speaking of Rabbits

The lady with the pet rabbit (yesterday’s story) =
wanted to get some more rabbits and see it she could train them all to =
do tricks.  She bought ten and taught them to stand in a line =
across a stage and hold one arm up high like they were waving good-bye . =
. . but that was all.  She wanted them to do a Radio City Music =
Hall Rockettes routine, but the bunnies were so nervous they just slowly =
hopped backward, held up an arm again, repeating this move away from any =
audience again and again until they were at the back of the stage, =
almost out of sight.

She took them to “America’s Got =
Talent” and explained to the producers what the animals did.  =
They were questioning exactly how to describe this unique act to =
 Simon and the judges so they would understand what the rabbits =


“Well,” she said, “think of it as a =
receding hare line with a permanent wave.”



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