11/07/16 Grif.Net – Famous Dancer

11/07/16 Grif.Net – Famous Dancer

Gene Kelly made An American In =
in the studios in Hollywood. The next year he decided =
to make a film which this time would be shot on location in Paris. =


So he went over there with =
the camera crew, and the first scene called for Gene Kelly to ring the =
bell in the belfry at Notre Dame Cathedral. He pulled on the rope and =
pulled and pulled and got carried away, failing to notice that the bell =
had come loose from its casters. It fell out of the belfry, pulling the =
rope, with Gene Kelly still hanging on, into the river below. =
Improvising as best he could under the circumstances, Kelly treaded =
water and kept on pulling the rope.


The director in the belfry =
above heard a ringing, gurgling sound down below and called down with =
his megaphone to ask what was going on down there. =


Kelly replied, "I’m =
ringing in the Seine! I’m ringing in the =



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