10/24/16 Grif.Net – Moral

10/24/16 Grif.Net – Moral

[A week of painfully pun-fully stories =

A medieval kingdom was situated on an island in the sea. =
A bridge connected the island to the mainland. The problem was, anyone =
who tried to cross the bridge would be attacked by giant mystical hand =
with bright yellow fingers and dragged to the bottom of the sea. The =
king had sent his bravest knights to overcome the fingers and cross to =
the other side, but they all failed.

One day, a young page wanted to make an =
attempt of his own. Neither the king nor his remaining knights believed =
he could do it, but before they could argue, the page was already half =
way across the bridge — and, quite surprisingly, the hand with its =
deadly yellow fingers did not rise out of the water to grab =

The moral of the story is: “Let your =
pages do the walking through the yellow =



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