09/28/16 Grif.Net – I May Be Getting Old (part A)

09/28/16 Grif.Net – I May Be Getting Old (part A)

[I am starting a check-list to see if I’m =
really getting “old”.  Feel free to test yourself =
answering these questions about you or your spouse.]


1. Do =
you get up to change the TV channel (you lost the remote long ago) and =
then decide as long as you’re up, you might as well go to =


2. Do you complain that "They’re building car =
seats too low"?


3. Do =
your ears perk up when a laxative commercial comes on =


4. Do you call the place you keep leftovers the =


5. Do =
you wonder why everyone is starting to mumble?


6. Do =
you video-record daytime game shows?


7. =
When you do the hokey pokey and you "put your left hip out" . =
. . does it stays out?


8. Is =
one of the throw-pillows on your bed really a hot-water =


9. Do you worry because you don’t have any =


10. Do you know how to spell =


Bonus: =
Do you feel your corns more than you feel your oats?



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