09/23/16 Grif.Net – Falling for Autumn

09/23/16 Grif.Net – Falling for Autumn

Heard some cute sayings about =
this wonderful time of year.  Will share these =


·         =
Boston Red Sox fans love =
watching leaves fall since there will be nothing to watch at Fenway =

·         =
This autumn we can look forward =
to falling leaves and rising gas prices. We’ll be raking it up while the =
oil companies are raking it in.

·         =
If money did grow on trees, =
autumn would be the best season ever.

·         =
It’s so strange that autumn is =
so beautiful, but everything is really dying.

·         =
I heard Humpty Dumpty had a =
great fall to make up for a miserable summer at camp.

·         =
Autumn is a second spring when =
every leaf is a flower.

·         =
I find autumn leaves are at =
their most beautiful when they’re being raked by someone =

·         =
Was yesterday the first day of =
fall? Must be, for Starbucks started serving pumpkin spice =

·         =
Fall’s a great time to take a =
long hike in the woods. Especially for anyone annoying =

·         =
Enjoying the lovely trees takes =
your mind off the fact that in a few weeks they’ll just be giant sticks =
covered in snow and ice.

·         =
There are two times of year I =
enjoy. Autumn and waiting for Autumn.


Enjoy =
this Friday, the first full day of Fall 2016.  And get ready for =
SUNDAY, September 25th, when it will be EXACTLY equal day and night (sunrise at 6:47 a.m. and =
sunset at 6:47 p.m.) This day is known as the “equilux”. =



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