09/21/16 Grif.Net – Equal Time

09/21/16 Grif.Net – Equal Time

[Shared some so-called health one-liners for adults a =
couple days ago, so now ratcheting it down a bit for younger readers.] =


Q. How could a blind carpenter work using all his =
A. He picked up his hammer and saw.


Q. How can =
you tell if you are cross-eyed?
A. When you can see eye-to-eye with =


Q. What do you call a person without all his fingers =
on his right hand?
A. Normal.  His other fingers should be on =
his left hand.


Q. What do =
seven days of dieting do?
A. Makes one week.


Q. Speaking =
of that, what is the best way to lose weight?
A. Play the piano. You =
can ‘pound away’ all the time.


Q. If a girl =
falls on the ice, why can’t her brother help her up?
A. He =
can’t be both a brother and assist her, too.


Q. Why are =
doctors stingy?

A. Because first they =
say they will ‘treat’ you, then they make you =
‘pay’ after all.


Q. Can you =
catch a cold riding up in an elevator?
A. No. You always come down =
with a cold.



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