09/14/16 Grif.Net – New Business

09/14/16 Grif.Net – New Business

With the economic downturn, the local mortuary has =
used its main street location to start a caf=E9 in part of the =
building.=A0=A0 I heard that opening it was quite an undertaking. =


It’s called “The Coroner Grill”, and =
features a menu of food you could just die for.=A0 Prices so low it will =
reduce the cost of living.

Start your mourning off right with . . =


=B7         =
Biscuits and Grave

=B7         =
Folger’s Fresh-brewed =

=B7         =
Cremation of Wheat


Check out =
the daily specials . . .

=B7         =
Decaesar Salad

=B7         =
Chicken in a Casket

=B7         =
Heart Attack Hash

=B7         =
Tombstone Pizza

=B7         =
Matzohleum and lox

=B7         =
Humus side


Come early. =
Lines are long with people dying to get a booth


Note: We =
offer airtight containers to there will be no spoiled children =



Dr Bob Griffin = =

"Jesus Knows Me, This I =