09/05/16 Grif.Net – Summer Reading (part 12)

09/05/16 Grif.Net – Summer Reading (part 12)

[Labor Day marks the official end of summer and =
(thankfully) the end of our possible reading list.]


‘How =
to Win at Bingo’ by Marc DeCard


‘Home =
Repairs from the Top Down’ by Rufus Lee King


‘Single Gals Guide to Marrying for Money’ =
by Ivana Richman


‘Surviving a Week in the Mental Health =
Facility’ by Battson D. Bellfree


‘Overcoming the Urge to Smoke’ by Anita =


‘Never Invest in Time-Share Property’ by =
Watta Rippoff


‘You, Too, Can be a Pastry Chef’ by Terry =


‘Owning A Chinese Deli’ by Lun Chun =


‘Affording a Luxury Sedan’ by Iona Caddie =
(and also ‘Protecting a Luxury Sedan’ by Carl =


‘Backyard Furnishings for your Home’ by =
Patti O’Furniture



Dr Bob Griffin = =

"Jesus Knows Me, This I =