08/08/16 Grif.Net – Presidential Pastimes

08/08/16 Grif.Net – Presidential Pastimes

Here is a list of US Presidents to match with a list =
of what they did for fun or as a hobby. To make it a little easier, I =
will give clues on what each did as well


1. George =
Washington –
2. Thomas Jefferson –

3. Andrew Jackson –

4. John Tyler –

5. James Garfield –

6. Chester A. Arthur –

7. Jimmy  Carter –

8. Theodore Roosevelt –

9. Ronald Reagan –

10. Lyndon Johnson –

11. Bill Clinton –

12. Warren Harding –

13. Gerald Ford –

14. Woodrow Wilson –

15. Dwight D. Eisenhower –


a. Tuba (he =
would often join the Marine Band at rehearsals on the White House =

b. Clothes (had 80 custom-made =
suits in the White House)

c. Stilt =
walker (every member of his family, including the first lady, were adept =
at this)

d. Singer (tenor in =
University of Virginia glee club/quartet)

e. Landscape artist (more than 300 paintings on =

f. Speed reading (2500 words =
a minute with nearly total retention)

g. Radio station DJ (used his wife’s inheritance =
to buy KLBJ-FM and oversaw its programming)

h. Marksman (expert in pistol; fought 100 =

i. Dancer (before marriage he =
never missed parties and danced with all the available =

j. Concert violinist (would =
often feature himself as soloist at State parties)

k. Actor (sportscaster by trade, he moved from radio =
to the big screen and became a heart-throb)

l. Fashion model (on the cover of Cosmopolitan =
magazine and married another model)

m. Crossword puzzle (did New York Times puzzle in ink, =
often in just a few minutes)

n. =
Architect (designed buildings in the capital, university and =

o. Ambidextrous writer (could =
write Greek with one hand and Latin with the other at the same =



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