07/29/16 Grif.Net – One more Batch in the Oven

07/29/16 Grif.Net – One more Batch in the Oven

[Still enjoying time with grandkids. Which means I get =
to make all sorts of jokes and in return they get to give me blank looks =
. . and hope I go away soon.]


Q. Grandpa, =
why did grandma refuse to go on ocean cruises?

A. Her seasickness came in waves


Q. Grandpa, =
what do you do it you feel cold in your room?

A. I go sit in a corner where it’s always 90 =


Q. Grandpa, why didn’t the dog eat the piece of =

A. He wasn’t sure it was =
pure bread


Q. Grandpa, why did the pony have a sore =

A. He had a colt and was a =
little horse


Q. Grandpa, does a dolphin ever do anything by =

A. No, it’s always on =


Q. Grandpa, what’s the difference between a =
piano, a tuna and a bottle of Elmer’s glue?

A. You can tuna piano but you can’t piano a =


Q. Wait a minute Grandpa. What about the Elmer’s =

A. Hah. I know you’d get =
stuck there


Q. Grandpa, what will a man in Paris answer if you ask =
him if he likes video games?

A. =


Q. Grandpa, when did you find out you were color =

A. I don’t know. It just =
came out of the purple


Q. Grandpa, =
what do you call a person with no body and no nose?

A. Nobody knows


Q. Grandpa, =
where do blind mice moor their boats?

A. At the hickory dickory dock


Q. Grandpa, =
why should you never buy tennis shoes from a drug =

A. You don’t know what =
they’re laced with and you might be tripping all =



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