07/19/16 Grif.Net – Getting Warmed Up

07/19/16 Grif.Net – Getting Warmed Up

[Going to see four grandkids this week, so need to get =
‘warmed up’ on jokes that will make their eyes =


Q. What happened when 19 and 20 got into a =

A. 21


Q. What are =
the only sort of bagels served in the US Air Force?

A. Plane bagels


Q. What did =
one penny say to the other penny?
A. We make cents =


Q. Why do milking stools only have 3 =

A. Because the cow’s got =
the udder


Q. What’s a light year?
A. It’s like a =
regular year but with less calories


Q. What has =
only 3 letters and starts with “gas”?

A. A car


Q. Why do =
fish always get bad report cards?

A. =
All their grades are under “C”


Q. Why =
don’t birds follow maps when they fly?

A. They like to just wing it



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