07/15/16 Grif.Net – Overheard Oddities

07/15/16 Grif.Net – Overheard Oddities

The magazine =
about ceiling fans went out of business due to low =

It only rains straight down. =
Evidently God doesn’t do windows.

The thing I like =
about chiropractors is that they always have your =

As I’ve =
said many times, I never repeat myself.

I’ve heard about =
the rumors that I keep vats of acid at my home, but they’re lyes — all =

If this place had =
any less class it would be a Marxist utopia.

The surgeon =
finally emerged from the operating room and said, "Your mother is =
extremely critical."
I replied, "Don’t take it personally, =
doctor. She’s like that with everyone."

I wish =
there was a way to make the characters on TV shows more =
intelligent.  I turn the brightness knob but it doesn’t seem =
to work.


Where =
two or more Baptists are gathered in His name, a chicken must =



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