07/08/16 Grif.Net – What’s on your Mind?

07/08/16 Grif.Net – What’s on your Mind?

Marilyn wrote saying, =
“Facebook keeps asking ‘What’s on your mind?’  So =
here’s what I’m wondering today:

Who let the dogs =

How do you get to Sesame =

Why doesn’t Dora just =
use Google Maps?

Why don’t we ever =
see the headline "Psychic Wins =

Why can’t women put =
on mascara with their mouth closed?

Why is =
"abbreviated" such a long word?

Why is lemon juice is made =
with artificial flavor yet dish-washing liquid is made with real =


Why do they sterilize the =
needle for lethal injections?


Why do you have to "put =
your two cents in" but it’s only a "penny for your =
thoughts"? Where’s that extra penny going =

Can a hearse carrying a corpse =
drive in the carpool lane?


Why do The Alphabet Song and =
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star have the same tune?


Why did you just try to sing =
those two previous songs?


Why did Kamikaze pilots wear =


And just what is Victoria’s =


Then she added, “You see, =
the world just has to keep going. I have too many questions. And do you =
really think I am this witty? I actually stole this from a friend, who =
stole from a friend, who stole from a friend, who stole it . . . =



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