06/04/16 Weekend Grif.Net –

06/04/16 Weekend Grif.Net –

We were interviewed this week =
on marriage, love, sex, you name it.  Long day under lights, 3 =
cameras etc.  Someday a tiny edited sound-bite might show =

THEN, after we were done, the next day THIS was shared by a =
dear friend.  WOW. Wish we could have used it then . . but will =
share it today.

“When it comes to loving your husband or =
wife, the Bible uses the words ‘nourishes and cherishes’. =
The word nourish means ‘to build up, strengthen, develop, and =
sharpen’. The word cherish means ‘to treasure, value, =
protect, and celebrate’.

Do you recall how you felt as a =
child at your birthday party when you were treated like the most special =
person in the room? Now you’re older and more mature, but =
don’t you still want to be …celebrated that way…just a =
little bit, once in a while? Come on, admit it – you know you do! =


Feeling celebrated in a loving =
relationship is essential to its health. It’s nice to be the =
object of the celebration, but it’s equally important to plan =
celebrations for and with your partner. Whether it’s for big =
occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and job promotions, or smaller =
occasions that matter only to the two of you, making your spouse feel =
special and cherished in ways that matter to him or her helps create a =
lifelong bond between you.


Now, being celebrated =
doesn’t mean that life is always a party. Sometimes celebration =
includes comforting and consoling each other through the dark days and =
tough times. In fact, the ability to celebrate the joys of life amid its =
bitter downturns is a priceless quality you’ll find only in mature =
individuals. It’s easy to celebrate the good times, but you need =
someone to love you and stand by you after the holiday ends and the =
workday begins.



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