05/25/16 Grif.Net – Keen Observation I will NEVER say Out Loud

05/25/16 Grif.Net – Keen Observation I will NEVER say Out Loud

Does anybody else have a =
wife who loves to play that game called =


Can’t wait ’til I’m old =
enough to pretend I can’t hear.


Contrary to popular =
belief, it’s actually the fat that makes you look fat. It was never the =


The information age – =
does anyone else find it just a little bit ironic that it has produced =
so many uninformed people?


Never mistake my silence =
for weakness. Always remember, no smart person plans a murder out =


It’s depressing to think =
how much more Dora the Explorer has seen and done in her life compared =
to mine


What happens in Vegas =
never happens to me


Hey, NSA, if you’re =
going to read my posts on Facebook, would it kill you to =
‘like’ them?


Well, it’s about that =
time of the day when I stop hitting the snooze button, wipe away the =
drool, open the blinds, and head on home from =


QUESTIONS: (not sure how accurate ANY of this is; I get info on the =
internet and we know the internet is ALWAYS true)

1. About =
Taxis.  Which city in the US has the most taxicabs?  About how =
many people use them on an average day. (NEW YORK, ONE =


2. About Marriage.  Which states have the lowest =
marriage rate in the US?  Which states have the highest? =


3. About Housing. About how many abodes does the =
average American live in during the course of a lifetime? =


4. About Size. What European nation is about the same =
size as Florida? (ENGLAND)


5. About =
Size (part 2). What European nation is about the same size as Texas? =
(NONE; they are all smaller)


6. About =
Natural Disasters. What was the deadliest natural disaster in US =
history? (1900 GALVESTON HURRICANE; 12,000 KILLED)


7. About =
Deserts. What desert in larger than the entire continental US? =


8. About Population. China and the US are about the =
same size in area, but how much larger is China in population than the =


9. About =
Water. What state has more freshwater shoreline than the entire eastern =
seaboard of the US? (MICHIGAN)


10. About =
Prisons. Men outnumber women in prisons by what ratio? (25 to =



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