04/09/16 Weekend Grif.Net – I’m a 90’s Kind of Guy

04/09/16 Weekend Grif.Net – I’m a 90’s Kind of Guy

[Adapted from Lee =
Strobel’s unique perspective on life back in the 90’s.  =
Humorous but pointed truths for modern thinking.]


Someone asked me if I was a =
“90’s kind of guy” and I immediately said yes. =

I feel like life is whizzing past at 90 miles an =

I work 90 hours a week and I still have 90 items on my =
to-do list.

I’m on a 90-calorie-a-day diet because I look =
90 pounds overweight in a swimsuit.

I’ve got 90 different bills =
to pay, and I’m already $90 overdrawn.

I’ve got a $90 =
minimum payment on my VISA this month and that’s just the =

I’m still paying $90 a month on my student loan, =
and I don’t know where I’m going to get $90,000 to send the =
kids to college.

I get 90 channels of cable television, and there =
is still nothing worth watching.

I drive the kids to 90 different =
activities and events a month.

I have a toddler who just asked =
"Why?" for the 90th time today.

And I think everything =
would be fine, if I was just making 90 grand a year.



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