03/28/16 Grif.Net – One More Round for the Children

03/28/16 Grif.Net – One More Round for the Children

Q. What man in =
the Bible spoke when he was a very small baby?
A. Job (Job 3:1) =
“Job opened his mouth and cursed the day of his =

Q. What insect went to Egypt on a donkey?
A. A =
flea: The angel told Joseph to take Mary, the baby Jesus and flee to =

Q. Why was Adam a famous runner?
A. Because he =
was first in the human race?

Q. Why was Adam =
created first?
A. To give him a chance to say =

Q. Was Luke the most successful physician in the =
A. No, it was Job; he had the most =

Q. How do we know Peter was a rich =
A. By his net income

Q. Why was =
Solomon the wisest man in the world?
A. Because he had so many wives =
to advise him

Q. Who was the straightest man in the Bible?
A. =
Joseph: Pharaoh made a ruler of him

Q. What did Adam =
and Eve do when they were expelled from the Garden of Eden?
A. They =
raised Cain

Q. Who was the most wicked man in the Bible?
A. =
Moses: He broke all the ten commandments at once

Q. Why were =
Peter, Andrew James and John the best New Testament letter =
A. Because as fishermen they learned to drop a =

Q. Who in the Bible drove a foreign car?
A. The =
apostles: They were all in one Accord


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