02/19/16 Grif.Net – That New Plane Smell

02/19/16 Grif.Net – That New Plane Smell

I heard Delta Airlines was infusing its =
cabins with a lavender-and-chamomile scent called =

Here are =
some names that might better match “the ambience of the packed =
economy cabin.”

“Eau the =

“Giorgio’s =

“Chanel No. 5 Inches less =


“Mist =

“The 99 =

Do YOU =
have other suggestions for names of a new airline scent?  =

[NOTE: I was asked if yesterday’s = HUMOR was “true”; skip a leg of a trip and get =
cheaper flight. Won’t work- if you don’t show for the connecting leg, =
ALL LEGS of your return flight will then be automatically =
cancelled.  This strategy is called "hidden city" =
ticketing or "throw away ticketing".. both practices are =
explicitly prohibited by airline contract of carriage.  If you are =
going one-way, then who cares.  But want to get back home? =
You’re in big trouble, mister!!

In the end, all =
airline tickets sold do require you to use ALL individual segments and =
in the EXACT ORDER in which they are issued.. Failure to do so does give =
the airline the right to re-price the ticket for your return flight, and =
charge you the new (presumably) higher fare.]


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