02/11/16 Grif.Net – Valentine’s Day is Coming

02/11/16 Grif.Net – Valentine’s Day is Coming

[Advice culled from my experiences of being happily =
married for nearly 3 years. Which is not bad, since I’ve been married 46 =


*There are two ways to handle a woman. Nobody knows =
either of them.


*Never =
argue with your wife when she’s tired . . . or when she’s =


*All marriages are happy. It’s trying to live =
together that causes all the problems.


*When =
your daughter brings over her boyfriend, don’t worry about the noise =
they make. Worry about the long periods of silence.


*If =
"I am" is the shortest sentence in the English language, is =
"I do" the longest sentence?


*When =
a man has words with his wife, she probably has paragraphs for =


*The three most important words to a woman on her =
wedding day are the ‘aisle’, the ‘altar’, and =
the ‘hymn’.  Don’t say that too fast: aisle alter hymn, =
aisle altar hymn.



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