01/28/16 Grif.Net – Behind the Pages of Genesis

01/28/16 Grif.Net – Behind the Pages of Genesis

Because it wasn’t good for Adam to be left alone, =
God came down to share His new plan.  "Adam, I have a plan =
that will make you very happy. I’m going to take away part of your body, =
and from it make you a companion that will fulfill your every need and =
desire. She will be beautiful, faithful, and loving. She will make you =
feel wonderful and will wait on you hand and foot and you will never =
have to work again for all eternity!"


Adam =
said, "That’s incredible!"


God =
replied, "I’m glad you like the idea, but it doesn’t come cheap. It =
will cost you at least an arm and a leg".


"That’s a pretty steep price to pay," =
said Adam. "Hey, what can I get for a rib?"



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