01/22/16 Grif.Net – Poultry in Motion, pt 5

01/22/16 Grif.Net – Poultry in Motion, pt 5

A King heard tales of a plot to overthrow his =
reign.  He had a Count arrested and tortured, hoping to reveal the =
names of his enemies.  But the Count would not give up any details =
of individuals or the suspected coup.


Finally the =
King ordered the man executed.  He was taken to the yard and laid =
his neck on the chopping block.  One last time the King offered to =
spare his life if he would just give up the conspirators.  But the =
Count refused.


The axe-man =
raised his blade.  As it began its downward arc, the Count =
screamed, “Wait. I’ll . . .”


Chop.  =
It was too late.

Moral of the story?  Don’t hatchet =
your Counts before they chicken.



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