01/12/16 Grif.Net – Long time to Wait

01/12/16 Grif.Net – Long time to Wait

A guy want to take his =
girlfriend to the prom. He waits in the ticket line for a long time, but =
happy to finally get the tickets.

He plans to rent a limo. The =
rental line is really long, but he eventually is able to rent the limo. =

Next he went to get a tux, but =
again the lines were long with so many young men. After hours of =
waiting, he gets the tux.

The day of the prom arrives and =
off he heads to pick up flowers, and the line at the florist is very =
long. Eventually he gets the corsage.

At the prom, she asks him to =
get punch. He was off to the refreshment table and there is no =

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